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Hijacking Christianity: Why ‘Wokeness Is Anti-Gospel’

At the start of the Cold War, a young Foreign Service officer named George Kennan wrote a lengthy description of the mindset of the Soviet leadership to explain their “uncooperative behavior.”


Among ‘Marginalized Voices’ at Upcoming Theater Festival: Conservatives

Succeeding in the world of theater is tough no matter who you are. But if you’re a conservative Orthodox Jew, it’s even tougher. Just ask Joshua Danese.

How Identity Politics Revives Slaveholders’ Argument For Group Rights

For something as seemingly mundane as a government report on civics, the “1776 Commission Report” has been a surprisingly hot topic.

Celebrating the Life of Steve Pejovich, Fighter for Freedom

Every now and then, my sense of loss over the passing of someone I know is offset by the knowledge that they lived a stellar life.

If Leftists Knew How Much ‘Ted Lasso’ Undermines Them, They’d Cancel It

“Ted Lasso,” a comedy series released on Apple TV this past fall and already slated for seasons 2 and 3, is one of the biggest hits of the COVID-19 season. 

The Great Parent Revolt

As overreach in classrooms by progressive school administrators, nonprofits and the federal government has reached new heights, parents are stepping up to fight back. 

Healing the Family and Saving the Country

When I was 9 years old, my parents separated and then divorced. When I was 15, I announced to my mother that I no longer would go to church.


Action Civics Is Teaching Our Kids to Protest

Many young Americans seem to have a growing disdain for our country. According to a Gallup poll, pride in our nation has declined, especially among young adults.

History Shows Our Passion for Freedom Runs Deep

Christmas 2020 was a Christmas like no other in our nation’s history. Thousands of churches across the country were shuttered, others had to hold services outdoors or restrict capacity indoors. 

Let the Susan B. Anthony Statue Stand Tall—and Trump’s Pardon of Her to Stand

New York City is set on Aug. 26 to unveil a new statue, the Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument. 

What Lincoln Would Tell Us About How to Preserve Our Republic

Many lament the decline in the teaching of civics and history that we are seeing in our schools.

Standing Up to ‘Wokeness’ and the Intolerance of the Mob

From around the country, we are hearing stories about companies, schools, universities, and others that are making public confessions and flagellating themselves for America’s supposed “systemic racism.”

Why We Must Advocate for Better Civics Education in Our Schools

The sharp decline in civic knowledge among America’s youth is a growing concern. The violent turmoil of recent weeks, including the destruction of statues and memorials, has made it an urgent issue. 

How The 1960s Riots Foreshadow Today’s Communist Weaponization Of Black Pain

Leaving the White House grounds recently, I knew I would encounter protestors. You could hear them throughout the evening, trying to disrupt.

Freedom, If You Can Keep It

It is we, America’s citizens, who ultimately bear responsibility for how our leadership handles this crisis—that is what government by the people, for the people, and of the people means.

National Security


Action Civics Is Teaching Our Kids to Protest

Some have argued that since the jihadist attack in Paris on November 13th, killing 130, and the December 2nd attack in San Bernardino, California, which killed 14, the United States has stepped up its domestic counter-terrorism efforts.  But with only five interdictions of ISIS supporters in the six weeks since the San Bernardino attack, the rate of interdiction has not picked up at all (an average of 4.5 per month for a total of 90 since March 2014 when ISIS first appeared in international headlines).  

Is It Safe to Fly? Airport Security in the United States

The downing of Egyptair Flight MS804 raises questions about the adequacy of airport security.  Over the past week American news outlets have been reporting stories of airport security lines 2-3 hours long, with warnings that those lines could get even longer as the high season of summer travel gets underway.


Yes, the ISIS threat to America is very real

ISIS’s attacks in Paris, the deadliest targeting of civilians in France since the end of World War II, will change the political and security landscape of Europe irrevocably.

ISIS: The Threat to the United States ThreatKnowledgeGroup Special Report

With the November 13th attack in Paris that killed 130 people and injured 368, many are asking what the risk is of a similar attack on U.S. soil.

Syrian Christians Plead for Help as ISIS Launches New Attack

Syrian Christians have this morning put out a desperate appeal for help as ISIS launches new attacks against them along the Khabour River in northeast Syria. 

C-SPAN Counterterrorism & Homeland Security Panel

ISIS’s attacks in Paris, the deadliest targeting of civilians in France since the end of World War II, will change the political and security landscape of Europe irrevocably.


Cuba vs. Freedom: Let the War of Ideas Begin

With a move toward normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations on December 17, 2014, the war of ideas can now begin.

Jordan's Attitude to Muslim Brotherhood Hardens

According to a July 9 article in Al Monitor, Jordan may be reversing its long-standing policy of tolerance towards the Muslim Brotherhood.

Opening the Door to Muslim Dissidents

“When presidents say Islam is a religion of peace,” former George W. Bush advisor Elliot Abrams said at a forum on Monday, “the average American thinks this is crap.”

A Desperate Cry from Iraq's Christians

Iraq’s Christian leaders have just made a desperate cry for help. Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, head of Iraq’s Catholic church, has issued an appeal “to all who have a living conscience in Iraq and all the world.”

Why ISIS is Winning

In the past 24 hours, reinforcements have been arriving in the besieged Syrian town of Kobane, where Kurdish troops have slowly been losing their months-long battle with the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Real Front in the War Against Isis

As the war with ISIS heats up, so too does the debate over what it will take to win. Immediately following Obama’s announcement of air strikes against ISIS, the debate centered on whether air power was enough or whether the United States also needed to commit boots on the ground.

Girl Who Escaped Boko Haram Tells Breitbart Her Tale of Survival

On April 14, 2014, members of the militant Islamist group Boko Haram raided a girls’ school in Chibok, a town in northern Nigeria, and abducted 276 girls between the ages of 17 and 20.

Why Ted Cruz Was Right to Walk Out on the 'In Defense of Christians' Conference

An extraordinary thing happened on Wednesday night in Washington, D.C. More than one thousand people were gathered for a dinner in honor of the newly formed organization In Defense of Christians.

Has the New York Times Just Provided Proof of Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operations in the United States?

For years, a handful of national security experts, NGOs, and members of Congress have been trying to raise a red flag over what they suspected were active influence operations by the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

Egypt Strikes Jihadis After Decapitation Video

Within just days of a video surfacing showing ?the decapitation of four Egyptian nationals, the Cairo government took decisive military action and killed the leader of the Jihadist group alleged to have been responsible.

Christian Leaders Call for Help As Islamic State Sweeps Sinjar

Over the past week the terror group Islamic State (formerly ISIS) surged ahead on multiple fronts and scored numerous victories, leaving a wake of death and destruction. 

Call from Iraqi Christians: "Obama, Obama, Where are You?"

Several hundred people gathered in front of the White House on Saturday, chanting, “Obama, Obama, where are you? Iraqi Christians call for you!”

100 Days a Slave: The Christian Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram

Today marks the 100th day that 276 schoolgirls from Chibok have been held captive by the Islamist terrorists of Boko Haram. 


Homo Democraticus: Or Why Democracy Should Not Be The Objective of US Foreign Policy

This article argues that government efforts to support democratisation in other countries are often counterproductive because they further strengthen government institutions over and above a responsible, active, citizenry and often target the wrong recipients because of government aversion to risk. Foreign assistance programmes would do better to support individual liberties rather than democracy.